Venues at College

Here at College, we have a wide range of facilities to cater for every occasion. Scroll down to find out more.....

Big Classical

Refurbished in 2011, Big Classical is a wonderful multi purpose venue. Primarily used as the school thetare, Big Classical has hosted many different events from plays to dinners, education conferences to formal black tie dinners, and even exercise classes and rock concerts. Big Classical is such a versatile space, it’s capable of hosting them all.

Dining Hall

Probably the grandest of our facilities, the Dining Hall
provides a perfect venue for dinners and receptions.
The wood panelling and stained glass windows of the
original Chapel mean that this room is full of character,
and always a fantastic talking point.

As well as being the hub of day to day life at College, 
the Dining Hall has played host to many different
events in recent years, including hosting an edition
of BBC 1's Question Time.



Upper College Common Room

One of our more modern facilities, the Upper College
Common Room is equipped with a built in bar and
dance floor. Perfect for a birthday party or any other
celebration. The room is also an ideal alternative for smaller conferences and business meetings. 

The versatility of the room is clear, as the Upper
College Common Room has not only played host
to events such as buffet lunches and lectures from
International sportsmen and women, but has also recently
become the home of  Valens,  a convenient and lighter meal
choice for pupils and staff, illustrted in these photos.




Also refurbished in 2011, the Library is the hub of academic activity in Cheltenham College. However, it has also been designed in such a way, with mobile, easy to move book shelves, that it’s a great space that can be used for all kinds of events.

Having hosted events such as the Headmasters Education Conference, it has also become central to the Cheltonian Association Christmas Fayre in recent years, and remains a popular venue for parents, pupils and staff members alike.


Built in the early 1900's, Cheltenham College
Chapel is a breath taking building set in the
centre of College. Used each day for the
entire College to gather, the Chapel has hosted
Weddings, Memorial Services, and Concerts as well as 
the numerous religious services.

Also used for choir rehearsals and residential choral
courses, the Chapel has become a central point for
College pupils as well as visiting courses.

The Chapel has also become integral to our ongoing
relationship with Cheltenham Festivals, hosting events
for both the Cheltenham Music Festival and the
Cheltenham Literature Festival in recent years.


For more information about room set ups, capacities and dimensions, click here.